Partner, Attorney

Corporate Practice, Dispute Resolution

Specialises in building up effective legal support of private and corporate asset management, legal assistance in corporate conflicts and other "special situations", defence against hostile takeovers, as well as securities trades and structuring corporate governance.

Grigoriy graduated from the School of Law of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Attorney, member of the Moscow Region Bar Association.

Organising the successful protection of interests of a shareholder of the largest Russian inland oil shipping companies in a lengthy corporate conflict.

Structuring the conclusion of a settlement agreement, preparing documents needed to close the deal. As a result, the client withdrew from the company and acquired the right to lease two dozen ships for 49 years.

Organising the acquisition of controlling stakes in two cement plants and structuring a regional cement holding company.

Structuring the acquisition of vessels from a bankrupt fishing company. The funding structure for the deal was created.

The acquirer's title to the vessels was protected. The structure of ownership to, and control over, the business of the fishing company was developed and implemented. As a result, the client established a successful fishing company.

Structuring the sale by a group of shareholders of their shares in a large timber company to a strategic foreign investor amid a corporate raid organised by a large oligarchic structure. The deal was successfully closed.

Successfully defending a regional confectionary holding company against an attempted corporate raid by a large oligarchic structure. Elaborating the defence strategy and tactics, successfully going through a number of court proceedings. Total defeat of the opponents in all judicial and administrative authorities.

Advising and protecting the interests of the Russia's largest group of private equity funds.

Providing legal services to professional securities market players.

Successfully resolving a longstanding corporate conflict in an oil company: assets valued at over RUB 3.2 billion were returned to the client, the opponents were found guilty of asset stripping, thus resulting in the opponents being forcefully excluded from the company and the client becoming the sole shareholder.

Sitting in a number of boards of directors as corporate secretary and board member;

Involvement in law-making processes.
Grigoriy engages in legal practice in the area of corporate law, securities trades, defence against hostile takeovers, labour law and legal representation.

He has extensive experience in arranging effe­ctive legal support of asset management, assessing legal risks in raising and structuring private equity investments, building up corporate governance systems, as well as effective defence against greenmail, corporate raiding and hostile takeovers.

For more than 20 years Grigoriy has been providing legal assistance and defence to the Russia's largest and most successful group of private equity funds and, prior to that, was rendering legal support to the business of leading professional securities traders. He was a member of the committees for policy making and legislative initiative of professional stock traders' self-regulatory organisations (PAUFOR, NAUFOR). He was actively involved in the development of the Russian Trading System's trade rules.

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